Can I Use Wood Pellets Instead Of Wood By Consumer Reports?

We are quite familiar with wood chips for outdoor cooking whenever we have a grilling party or just grill or smoke our favorite food. However, wood pellets are told to have many advantages compared to wood chips. Is it true, and can you use wood pellets instead of wood chips?

To answer this question, let’s start getting to know more about these two kinds of cooking methods!

Wood Pellets and Wood Chips – Manufacturing Process and Differences

Wood Chips – How Are They Made?

Wood chips are the pieces of wood taken from bigger wood bars. Most of the time, they are the “leftover” from the process of producing wooden products or chopped off from low-priced wood pieces. In diameter, wood chips are around one or two inches. 

The manufacture of wood chips is much less complicated compared to wood pellets. To produce wood chips, we do not need as many machines and tools as wood pellets.

Wood Pellets – How Are They Made? 

Wood pellets, on the other hand, are much more complicated to make. They are a combination of many different combustible ingredients. To make wood pellets, we need to grind different kinds of wood into dust, then compress them with specific machines. 

Wood pellets were originally made as the fuel for some industries. Gradually, they are used widely in daily life activities, and cooking is one of them. 

Even though wood pellets’ manufacturing process is more complicated than wood chips, more people start to use them for their convenience and quality.

Can You Use Wood Pellets Instead Of Wood Chips?

Wood chips and wood pellets are used in many different areas, such as heating and cooking. Depending on each area, the answer will be different. However, in this article, we will assume that you want to use wood pellets for cooking. 

So, can you use wood pellets instead of wood chips while cooking? The answer is Yes! You can use wood pellets to grill and smoke your food. If you search on the Internet about grilling and smoking food with wood pellets, you will see many results with guides and tips. This means many people have been using this product. It is also easy to buy the type of wood pellets that are made for cooking in many places. 

Here are the features and benefits of wood pellets:

Last Longer

Even though wood pellets and wood chips can all be used as fuels for cooking and heating, they also have noticeable differences. While cooking, wood pellets can last longer, produce high smoke levels, and be easier to control.

Much More Controllable 

In many cases, wood pellets can help you cook easier and more controllable than wood chips. As wood pellets are dense, burn hot and evenly, you will have a better time grilling your meal. 

Add Different Smell of Smoke to Your Food

As they are made from many woods, their smoke will give your food a different smell compared to wood chips. You should notice this, too, because even though many people love the smoke from wood pellets, many other people do not. 

Wood Pellet Stove Is Normally Easier to Install

Wood pellets are ideal for cold smoking, and its stove can be installed easier compared to wood chips. The cost of installing wood pellets can sometimes be cheaper, too.


Both wood chips and wood pellets are familiar in outdoor parties when we cook grilled and smoked food. As wood pellets are pretty convenient to use, many people start to choose it over wood chips. 

So, can you use wood pellets instead of wood chips? We think you have already got your answer after reading this informative post. Wood pellets can give you tasty grilled food and the best convenience. For now, thank you for reading, and have a great time cooking your food!

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