Louisiana Grills Problems – Most Common Issues and Their Quick Fixes By Consumer Reports

Louisiana Grills is a familiar grill brand for food lovers. But just like any other wood pellet grill, Louisiana Grills might also have some problems with temperature sensor, fan, or fire out, especially after being used for a while. So, what are the common Louisiana Grill problems?

This post will list some of the most common issues and show you how to fix them. Let’s get started!

Louisiana Grills Problems and How to Fix

The “Control” Option Cannot Be Turned On

  • Reason 1: Your grill is not plugged in the right way.

When your grill is not plugged in properly, the “Control” option will not be turned on until you fix it.  So, before turning the grill on, you will need to make sure the grill is plugged properly. 

  • Reason 2: GFCI outlet is not working.

If your GFCI outlet is not working, it can also be the reason why the “Control” option still stays at the “off” mode. So, make sure you plugged it into a good-condition GFCI outlet.

Fire Goes Out While Cooking

  • Reason: Yout RTD or temperature sensor has not been cleaned or not in the best condition. 

When your temperature sensor or RTD has not been cleaned for a while or gets dirty somehow, they will be covered up with smoke, grease, and other stains coming from your food. 

In this case, the temperature sensor and RTD cannot read the temperature, and this can make fire start to go out. 

To avoid this problem, make sure you clean your grill often enough. And if the fire continues to go out, it will be easy if you call a maintainer. 

The Fan Does not Work

  • Reason: Your grill has been used for a while and has not been maintained well enough.

Normally, people have these issues after they use their grill for a few years. If you want your grill to give you the best quality of food and maintain the safety for you during use, you need to have it checked every year, at least. 

The Grill Cannot Reach Your Wished Temperature

  • Reason 1: You use low-quality or old wood pellets. 

The most common reason for this problem is the quality of wood pellets. Old or wet wood pellets cannot burn well enough to give you the best smoke and flavor, and their bad quality can stop the grills from making a good fire. 

When this happens, you should get pellets with higher quality and never let your pellets get wet.

  • Reason 2: Your Temperature Reader is having a problem

When you use your grill for a while, its temperature reader may start to malfunction and be unable to display the correct number. Therefore, the grill cannot burn at the right temperature. 

The best thing you can do in this situation is ask the maintainers to fix this problem for you. 

Tips to Avoid Problems When Using Louisiana Grills 

When your grill already has problems, it will be better to call a maintenance company to ensure your safety. However, there are some tips that we can do to prevent our favorite machine from having those problems and maintain their good condition as long as possible. 

Here are the tips you should consider while using Louisiana Grills:

Tip 1: Choose Good-Quality Wood Pellets

Bad wood pellets can cause harm to your grill if they are used frequently. So, you should consider checking their quality and changing them often to avoid them from getting wet. 

Tip 2: Have Your Louisiana Grills Checked Often Enough

After using the grill for a while, it is normal that we sometimes have small issues with the grill. So, if you have been using your grill for over one year, make sure you have the maintainer check your grill manually, especially when it has problems. 

Tip 3: Clean the Temperature Sensor Right After Cooking

The temperature sensor is important because it will show you your exact desired temperature. Therefore, make sure you always clean and maintain the sensor after cooking. 


After breaking down several common grills issues, we hope you already understand Louisiana grill problems and how to fix them. Make sure you clean and check the condition of your grill often enough to ensure your safety. For now, have a good cooking time!

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